Best Fried Chicken Spots in America

If you have listened to Episode 34 of the podcast, then you have learned that Boonie doesn't like Popeye's chicken. So KG has completed a definitive ranking of the best friend chicken in the country! 

I love Fried Chicken -- actually that is an understatement. I would probably eat fried chicken
every day if, you know, dying wasn’t a consequence, LOL! With that being said, I feel there is no
one better to talk about the best places I have had the bird at in my travels.

As we have discussed, Popeyes is King and will always be King. But, I can get Popeyes anywhere
I want to (and damnit I do!). But, lets talk about some non-chain spots that fry the bird better
than the rest.

Big T's Place in Baltimore. 

Big T's Place in Baltimore. 

  1. Jestine’s (Charleston, SC) - The fresh and piping hot chicken at Jestine’s has made this my number one. Perfect combination of good batter and moist chicken (White Meat
  2. Thelma’s (Atlanta, GA) - Thelma’s was a hidden gem in Atlanta that I was introduced to by family. It was like a old school cafeteria style meal, but the chicken is made fresh to order by Ms. Thelma. Take your Grandma’s chicken and think 5 times better.
  3. Big T’s Place (Baltimore, MD) - A place that looks like this, probably won’t get ranked on a lot of lists, but my man Fred makes the best chicken in Baltimore by far. Perfect crunchy skin and a light coat of salt and pepper make these steroid sized wings the best.
  4. Prince’s Hot Chicken (Nashville, TN) - Maybe this isn’t the best hot chicken in the world, but it was the first I ever had. I normally don’t go for Spicy chicken, but this had the best amount of spices that made the chicken perfect.
  5. Wal-Mart (Cancun, Mexico) - I know I know. You are probably like “KG had to have been drunk.” Maybe you are right, but damnit this chicken was spectacular. It wasn’t like that dry pigeon you see sitting in your local Wal-Mart. This chicken was incredible and you can get like 16 pieces for a couple dollars. Viva Mexico!

So tell me…What has been your favorite fried chicken? Stay hungry my friends!


Boonie Note! 

I hosted a poll on Instagram yesterday about fried chicken. Here are the results! LOL!