5Spot Vol.37

Adulting is hard - so very hard! Pat yourself on the back for doing it and doing it well! 

Always a screaming child on an airplane! DEM DA RULES! 

Always a screaming child on an airplane! DEM DA RULES! 

  1. I need a political candidate who is willing to change the 5 day/40  hour work week and forgive student loans. 
  2. Watching people travel with kids has definetely added 12 to 20 points to the 'con list' for procreating for me. My goodness that looks like torture 95% of the time! For the parents that make it look effortless, you all should really sell a e-book or video, LOL! 
  3. Never trust a man who wears short sleeve dress shirts! NEVER!
  4. Yesterday, Black Twitter was talking about when is it appropriate to open someone's refrigerator. My thought is, if you haven't taken a shit in my house, then don't open my goddamn refrigerator! If you don't feel comfortable enough in my home to relive yourself in it, then don't feel comfortable enough to open my damn refrigerator! THAT'S REAL! 
  5. I am so happy that Larry David and Leon Black are back in our lives. Curb Your Enthusiasm is brilliant! LOVE LOVE LOVE that show! 

I am going to try to do at least one blog post a week now. I have to admit, that I have gotten so caught up in podcasting that I have neglected blogging. I promise to do better! Here's to humpday!