5Spot #TheManeEvent Edition

Did you check out Gucci Mane's "wedding" on BET last night? Why didn't Mona get the rights to this and at least give us a good sophistiratchet VH1 wedding? 

Do you see that cake?!

Do you see that cake?!

  1. So BET showed the wedding in the first episode of this new series, but the whole season is just shit leading up to the wedding? I am hopeful that the season finale will be them showing the real wedding, because what we watched last night was the "for tv cameras wedding." Like Keyshia looked irritated because they pulled her from the reception to film that "wedding" before she changed gowns. LMAO!
  2. I don't know what took me out more the bridesmaids having matching wigs or Keyshia's classic baptist choir two step march down the aisle. She looked fucking fab though! 
  3. I am so hopeful that she didn't really walk down the aisle to Patti's "If Only You Knew." Have y'all listened to the lyrics? Do y'all know what that song is about? LMAO! I just think its the only song BET got cleared to air on TV, HAHAHAHA!
  4. It was really funny watching the live wedding on TV, but seeing the wedding reception happening live on Snapchat at the same damn time. LMAO!
  5. I don't think there is anything whiter on this earth than Gucci Mane's teeth, not even white supremacy. 

Did you watch last night? What were your thoughts about The Mane Event? Will you be watching the season? Talk to me!