Donations for Puerto Rico!

Let's help Puerto Rico! 

If you have already listened to Episode 33 of the podcast, you heard that I recently traveled through Puerto Rico. During my time in the airport, I started talking to one of the workers in the Duty Free Shop - Evelyn. She explained to me how her neighborhood has no power and the rationed food is slim. She was happy to finally be back at work that has some power via generators to at least charge her cell phone. She begin to tear up talking about how they lost everything in the storm due to flooding. Right now she and her neighbors have been trying to make things work by sharing the limited resources that they have.

I asked Evelyn for her email address because I wanted to connect with her and do a drive to supply her neighborhood with more resources to make it through this difficult time. She was so overjoyed that she promised to share anything that I sent with all of her neighbors! I have a list of requested items and Evelyn's direct address. So here is where you guys come in. 

You can help by donating in one of three ways:

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  1. Via PayPal - email: or
  2. Via Cash App - Sending monetary donation via Square Cash App ($ABoone) 
  3. By Sending an Amazon e-gift card to 

All donations are needed by Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. I will be sending all donations directly to Evelyn on a rolling basis until all funds are spent on the items requested! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at!

Thank you for you extreme generosity!