5Spot Vol. 28

RAIN DROP! DROP TOP! ...ok yea that is all I know of that song! LOL! Migos lowkey won the Golden Globes last night thanks to Donald Glover's shoutout during his acceptance speech! 

Watch Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes NOW! 

  1. Get your fucking tissues ready! This is the last full calendar week of the Obama Administration! I am not prepared. The farewell speech tomorrow night, I know it is going to give me all the feels! 
  2. MERYL MOTHERFUCKING STREEP FOR THE WIN! I aspire to the level where I can totally annihilate someone without even uttering their name once! Her and Michelle have reached peak IDFWU! 
  3. Budgeting takes a lot of initial set up work! This is probably why I have never had a budget to begin with, LOL! Yet I want different results, so I must take different actions. *insert broke down crying emoji face* 
  4. So in not so popular opinion - I binged This Is Us. Yea, um. It's not a bad show, but it just seems like its trying to hard for me sometimes. I didn't cry once. I may keep watching it. I may not. 
  5. The quote of the day goes out to Kellyanne Conway. “I’m concerned that somebody with a platform like Meryl Streep’s is inciting people’s worst instincts.”  >> Am I living in the twilight zone? The level of irony is just astounding! 

Kick ass this week! Be you. Do you!