You know what phrase I hate to hear the most?  No it's not "Sorry baby, I can't get it up!" Even though that is pretty vile, LOL! But rather "Oh why you ain't tell me?!"

*deep sigh* I mean it really is a number of reasons. The primary one being that I don't really fuck with you. Everything isn't for everybody. Ok, maybe that is a bit harsh, but I don't really fuck with you LIKE THAT! Whenever I am confronted with this question I often think, what about our relationship makes you think that I would ask you to go on a 12 day trip with me to Africa? I mean really....

Nothing about our relationship would indicate that we are close, so why would I inform you of things? If we not cool like that, I honestly won't interact with you behind the standard pleasantries to not be viewed as a bitch. LOL! Don't ever expect to ever travel with me. Travel is something I hold very dear to my sanity, LOL! So ain't no way I am going to risk a trip with people I don't fuck with like that.  Please don't expect to be invited into my home. You have to take responsibility for the energy you bring into my house, therefore invitations aren't extended to everyone! 

Life introduces you to a wide array of people through the course of your life. Newsflash, you don't have to be close with everyone that you meet, no matter how you met them! I just can't invest time, energy, thought, effort, and emotions towards people that 'I don't fuck with like that'. I don't feel guilty about it -- not for one second. No one wins in the charade of faux relationships of any kind. It is our duty to be choosy about who we allow in our space -- in our life -- even if it hurts people's feelings. 

If I don't fuck with you like that, you can't sit at the table with me and mines but you can sit at the table next to us! LOL! I'll be sure to pass you the Grey Poupon though!