5 Spot Vol. 24

What's worse than Monday morning? A rainy Monday morning! Monday always shows up so fast. BLAH! 

Look at this bullshit! 

  1. Why do job applications always ask if they can contact your current manager? Um no! 
  2. Macy's has a One Day sale twice a week! Who do they think they are fooling?
  3. What ever happened to Karyn White?
  4. I listened to Fantasia's new album and never listened again. Sad about that, she released four flawless albums and then this. Much like Jill Scott's last album. HATED IT! 
  5. There are a few things in life I never need to see again like a Jon Voight sex scene. The Ray Donovan writers was dead wrong for showing that shit. Now add a recipe video for a sweet potato pie that uses Parmesan cheese. Who on God's green earth thought Parmesan cheese should be in a sweet potato pie? Is that why Pumpkin pie taste so bad? It has Parmesan cheese in it? The ancestors did not die for someone to put Parmesan cheese in their creations! Big Momma did not lose a leg to allow this to happen! Patti did not sell her recipe to Walmart for y'all to be fucking up sweet potato pies! Side note: I have got to admit I still have not had a Patti Pie. *gasp* 

Try to kick this week's ass! You can do it!


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