5Spot Vol. 22

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Michelle got her a Leo man. She know the deal! HAHAHA! 



  1. My new motto: "Talk without being offensive. Listen without being defensive and leave your adversary with their dignity."
  2. I really wish that Southwest Airlines would stop advertising $49 flights from BWI. No one wants to go to Cincinnati, OH or Flint, MI. 
  3. I don't care what people say, Anti is a better album than Lemonade. Both are great, but Anti is better! #Sorrynotsorry 
  4. Another first world problem that I hate...microwaving your food and then it's still cold in the middle. Like come on now! 
  5. Black parents, well Black mothers, really are some of the most creative people on the planet. The comebacks they come up with are GOLD!

Take solace in knowing that it is almost Friday! We almost made it to the weekend y'all!