Some Things You Don't Get Back!

Some things, once they are gone they are gone! Time, is something you will never get back, EVER! No matter how fucking hard you try. 

My Granny used to frequently say, "You know the time and the tide wait for no man." The time and the tide. I never understood what that meant, but every year I get older, I understand it more and more. Here we are in August 2016; only 5 more months left in 2016. It seemed like just yesterday we were saying "Happy New Year."



My friends will tell you I take how I spend my time very seriously. Just this past weekend I canceled plans because I didn't want to spend time with people I would have to be phony with. I often become irate when businesses and/or anyone waste my god damn time. I will leave a doctor, a hair stylist, or anyone who does not understand the value of my time. Which is why it burns me up when I am running late -- I hate wasting people's time. Fuck a dollar, I can make more money. 

As to the saying that my Granny would always say, it tells us that we can stop the passing of time. We should not give of our time to people who are undeserving or do not value the gift you are giving them. Yeezy was absolute right in saying "My presence is a present." As narcissistic as that may sound, it's true! I understand the gift of time. I appreciate it so much more when my friends show up for me! I can't recall you the last time my friends and I have exchanged gifts, but I fucking know every single time one of them has SHOWN up for me. That is what I cherish.

Stop thinking there is a tomorrow. It might not be! Live and do what you want NOW! Make time for it now! Rid yourself of those who rob you of the very thing you will never get back -- your time! 

My time is non-refundable. Yours is too. Don't waste it friends!