5Spot: DNC Edition

Last night I felt all of the feels! ALL OF THEM!!!!!! Not quite the full emotion of 2008, but it was close!  

Don’t boo, VOTE!
— President Barack Obama
  1. President Barack Obama! That is all! I think my tears will not cease on January 21, 2017. So not ready! Not ready at all! 
  2. Whoever planned the DNC deserves a raise! This was a flawlessly executed large scale event. They had one job and I think they succeeded at it! WHEW!
  3. Uncle Joe was fed up with the bulls...I mean MALARKEY! You know white people are pissed and shit is going to get real when you hear the word malarkey! I only wish he had closed out the speech like "Come on! This is America god dammit." 
  4. The Bernie or Bust people are absurd at this point. Like they look foolish and sound like children. I was not particularly attached to any of the candidates, but I don't really get the hold that Bernie has on his supporters. 
  5. If Hillary wins in November, there will be a generation of Americans who only know a Black President and a Woman President. Take that in for a second. This generation actually only knows the promise of America that so many of hoped and dreamed of. How amazing is that? We owe it to them to not fuck this up!

 I'm With Her! 

I mean there you go folks! Next up are the debates...