5 Spot Vol.17

This weekend I had plans to get my life together and clean my house! Only thing I did was go grocery shopping! Yay allergies! 

EJ is the definition of fab! 

EJ is the definition of fab! 

  1. There is no need to leave a voicemail. I saw the missed call. I'll either call back or text you. And if I don't, then thats your answer too! LOL!
  2. This weekend I read an interesting article on Esquire. From the article, I wanted to know what the federal poverty level is. For an individual, the poverty line is an annual income of $11,880. Talk about putting things in perspective for you. I spend more than that on housing alone. BLESSED!
  3. Am I the only person looking forward to EJ Johnson's spin off? Like he is really moving up on my dinner party invite list! 
  4. All job descriptions should be advertised with a salary range. Don't waste my time or yours. 
  5. Refinery29 has the best horoscopes. I used to be down with Susan Miller and AstrologyZone.com, but nope the AstroTwins are it! LOL! 

Kick ass this week my friends!