The Most Horrifying Moment Ever...

...when you roll over and feel a wet stain on your bed and it didn't come from a good fuck! 

Now you have to get up and shower. Then strip the bed, clean the mattress, and put clean sheets on the bed. Then try to go back to sleep before your alarm goes off! *insert MJ cry face*

Rapi Kaur shared her moment on Instagram! 

Rapi Kaur shared her moment on Instagram! 

Oh the fucking joys of being a woman! Like why god, why?! Please take my uterus from my body! I don't need it anymore! I really don't! After having my period for 20 years, I don't want it anymore! Maybe it wouldn't be as sucky if tampons and pads were free! Yes, I think tampons and pads should be free, but that's another discussion.

I haven't had a period in years thanks to my birth control, but now those days of freedom are over! *weeps* After last night's dreadful period stain on the bed episode, I just thought about how many ways those three (if you are lucky) to seven days a month can be so dreadful.

  1. Your hormones are raging and you are horny as fuck, but... Well unless you are into period sex! No judgement from me at all.
  2. When you stand up and it feels like all of the liquid inside your body is rushing to you panties and you have to do a weird waddle walk to the bathroom <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  3. When you sneeze and/or cough and you are for sure you just passed a baby <<<<<<<
  4. The fear of every time you stand up you are going to see a blood stain on your chair or clothes <<<<<<
  5. Black mommas not letting you wear tampons because if you did that meant you were fucking! All those years of wearing Kotex pads when I could have been using tampons. Thanks Mom! HAHAHAHAHAHA! 
  6. Pads feeling like fucking diapers <<<<<<<
  7. The moment you don't have a pad or a tampon and you have to make a makeshift pad with toilet paper <<<<<<<<<
  8. When you get your hands messy and pray no one is at the sink when you wash your hands. 

I could go on and on! Ladies we have all experience these dreadful moments at some point in our lives! Just remember cold water ladies, cold water! LOL!


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