????? for President!

...it's really fucking happening! The Donald has the nomination tied up in a bow.

I try not to write about politics too often on here, but I am today. I have to give us all a good laugh to keep from crying. So here are my picks reality stars who are more qualified to be the leader of the free world more than The Donald. 

  1. Khloe Kardashian - What a transformation -- how inspirational! We need inspiration right now. Her glo' up alone makes her so qualified for the position!  Can you imagine what she would wear to state dinners? The Kardashians have infiltrated everything about American culture, why not let them into The White House!
  2. Joseline Hernandez - The Puerto Rican Princess is ready for office! Let her be the first Hispanic to hold the position. I mean her frank and no hold barred attitude is what American politics is missing. 
  3. Chrissy Lampkin - She's been holding Jim Jones down for years, just imagine the level of loyalty she would show to the office. When any rival to decides to disrespect America and what we stand for, just imagine the beat down she would give them? Just ask Kimbella!
  4. Sister Patterson - I have never in life seen a more stubborn and strong willed person. We need this in The White House. She will not be easily persuaded. She is intimidating and tells it like it is. I mean who can forget her blow out fight with Flava Flav. LOL! We have to thank New York for sharing her mother with the world. She is a national treasure. 
She's got my vote! 

She's got my vote! 

5. NeNe Leakes - I mean when you think of reality TV, no one has done it more flawlessly than Mrs. Leakes. What can't this woman do? She's done TV, Broadway, clothing, and now stand up comedy. So why not politics? She's not afraid to check a heaux either. She too has had an inspirational glo' up. She is also a Sag girl, and you know we rock. Nene for President! Where can I cast my vote?

Did you laugh? I hope so, because that was far funnier than our sad reality. It's a joke they said. He will never win they said. ::deep sigh::