Does Being Single Equal Unintentional Celibacy?

Can you detach your penis and vagina from you heart? Can you truly have sex with no strings attached? 

I wish I could channel my inner Samantha! I enjoy sex as most adults do. I really do, but the older I get I find it quite hard to do the deed and not get attached. Well correction, I can't have prolonged sexual relations with someone  longer than a couple months and not grow some type of affection for them.

I was talking to my girlfriends this morning about my readiness to hop back on the saddle in summer sixteen, LOL! Cold hard facts are that most of my female friends and I are single, and when I say single, I mean single as fuck. LOL! Even though we are single, we would still like to have healthy sex lives. However, it seems like having sex outside of a relationship or marriage is socially frowned upon. Like in order to have sex with some with some we must expect a future. WRONG!

Why does being single mean that you can't simply enjoy something that is suppose to be natural and enjoyable without judgement? Why has it been forced upon women that in order to have a thriving sex life we must be pursuing a relationship? We have created a culture where having a healthy sex life out of the construct of a relationship is wrong! 

Newsflash, you don't have to be in love to have great sex! I just wish there was a way to stop the inevitable guilt you feel sometimes after a good fuck. One friend stated that men are better at separating their feelings from their sexual conquests. I disagree; I believe they are just better at being in denial about them.

It's ok to have great sex without love, all while still looking for the right person. We just have to shake off the feelings of others who might be judging our actions! Just keep it safe my friends! 

Can you hop into bed with someone and not grow feelings? Why is single sex shamed so much in America? Talk to me!


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