Please Don't Let Kimberly Jones's Face Die in Vain

Calm down! This post isn't what you think its going to be. I'll admit its a bit of click bait, but now that you are here, let's get right down too it!

I'll admit my truth. Over the years I have laughed, at times, about the transformation of Lil Kim's face. After my laughter, I then would state, "It's sad man." I was wrong for laughing. So very wrong. The shit is heartbreaking!

Last night in my group chat with my BFFs, one of them sent a text that stated, "Lil Kim's legacy to black culture is importance of telling little girls that they are beautiful and teaching them the importance of natural beauty and self esteem."  What a word! Then I immediately thought about Kim's daughter. WHEW! 



Kim believed what she had been told in her younger years -- that she was ugly. With money and access, she found what she thought was a way to make her beautiful in eyes of others. When you think about it there are probably a few of us who would do a little nip/tuck to fix things if we had the means. 

Kim who is virtually unrecognizable now, has undergone numerous surgeries chasing a beauty ideal that was never meant for her. Now we have those like the Kardashian/Jenner crew taking our features and getting applauded for it. They get press mentions and accolades for their cornrows, big lips, and big asses. Yet Kim is left to get ridicule and jokes for chasing the "ideal" European standard of beauty. That level of abuse and fucked up beauty standards is why we need to instill in our young girls that beauty is more than what you see on the internet or read in magazines. 



Lil Kim's transformation speaks to such a larger undercurrent in our society. One where black women constantly have to adjust our looks to fit into society. "Can I wear my natural hair to the this interview?" "Will this dress look in appropriate on my ass?" "I wonder if this store sells hair products for me?" "Why does this makeup line only stop at light shades?" Every day we are faced with these images that show us the world does not view us a beautiful unless we are light skin with blonde hair on a size 2 frame. No wonder Kim looks like this now! 

Colorism, racism, and low self esteem will continue to wreck havoc on our young ladies. Lil Kim is gone, yet we can save others! We have to do our part in telling them they are beautiful! Will we are still sipping on the Lemonade and enjoying the moment, please tell a women or girl in your life they are beautiful! Shit look in the mirror every day and tell your self too!