Work Friends...How Many of us Have Them?

For some context this post is inspired by the drama that happened at Live with Kelly and Michael. I have never in my life watched that show, but what has transpired over the last 10 days sparked thoughts about friends in the workplace. 

I think Kelly is acting like an entitled brat! I really had no sympathy for her and I did not think that Michael owed her anything. Last week when the news broke about Michael leaving the show, I engaged in a conversation on Facebook about loyalty and courtesy in the workplace. 

I don't believe in friends in the workplace. I don't believe there is loyalty in the workplace. Nope! I don't. We spend most of our time at our workplaces unfortunately, so its natural that we make friends there right? Sidenote, where the hell is the four day work week petition, but I digress. LOL! 

I have people that I enjoy at work, but I view them as revered colleagues. Just because I don't view those I work with as my friends, doesn't mean that I can't share a laugh with them or take lunch with them. I just don't reveal too deep of personal and professional information that I could come to regret down the road. 

My kind of workplace "friends." 

My kind of workplace "friends." 

I am not undervaluing the need for companionship and safe places at work. We all need someone who we can vent to about office bullshit. These relationships help make that 9to5 less about transactions and offer a level of human connection. However, I have seen time and time again work place friends being forced to choice between their careers and their friendship. Ten times out of nine, they have all chosen their careers over their friends. OUCH! When you think about, you are only friends because you are in a shared situation. If you were to change departments or leave the job complete would your friendship still last?

I have never stayed at a job longer than three years. If a particular colleague and I stay in touch after my departure, then I can consider you a friend. Until then, you are a colleague. one that I like alot. Sorry not sorry! At work we usually are using our representatives, not our true selves. So how can you develop a true friendship with people who might not be seeing the complete you? We can be friendly and have fun, but you don't need to be my friend to make the workplace enjoyable. 

Talk to me. Do you have work friends? Are work friends real? Let me know!