Discretion is Dead!

Man R. Kelly told us a long time ago to "keep it on the down low." The times have changed. No one can keep a secret anymore! 

Now a days every one is a star. We all have our own media platforms to share whatever the fuck we want. Whether it is a blog, twitter account, Facebook page or an Instagram feed, we all produce our own content every day. However it seems like some people take it too far with the need for likes or retweets.

Seems like some of us have this underlying desire to use our networks and audience to expose people. Now it is one thing to use your networks to share videos of police brutality or an uber driver who was completely inappropriate. However, why do we have to expose secret lovers, side jawns, and DMs to humiliate people?

Dave knew! 

Dave knew! 

Yesterday I saw a Facebook profile photo of a naked couple. On twitter there was a a whole melodrama that ended with a girlfriend sharing all her boyfriend's business for the world to see. Last week on twitters someone released a former lover's nudes. COME ON! 

I mean are we at the point where we have to confiscate people's iPhones when they come over to fuck? No more sending nudes! *gasp* Will you have to have people sign non disclosure forms and shit? Was Dave Chappelle right after all? LOL! 

I mean really what the fuck happened to discretion? That shit is dead and gone! 


P.S. Happy 4/20!