5Spot Vol.12

Busy weekends are so much fun, but they make preparing for the week so hard! Here is to all my people winging it today! LOL!



  1. One of the best shows I am watching on television right now is Underground on WGN. I know some people are sick of the slave narrative. However, I have no problem with it! KEEP SHOWING! Underground makes me so angry every week, but I keep watching. They have really done a good job with weaving in the complexities of slavery in a compelling story. Please check it out if you haven't. But one note, were bullets in the 1700s made out of tin? Like how are these people getting shot and keep on moving! Ok, that is my only funny. WATCH THE SHOW! 
  2. No one can deliver better shade to you than your parent! NO ONE!
  3. It is never too late to learn anything! Last week I took bike riding lessons, because I did not know how to ride a bike. Shameful, I know, but my mother failed me! HAHAHA! However, last week, I took a class with 30 other adults to learn how to ride! I am not winning any Tour de France anytime soon, but I can ride now!
  4. Jamal Bryant vs. Tyrese!?!?!?! Baltimore's favorite mega pastor had Tyrese's name in his mouth and Tyrese has since responded! Idk why I find this so funny! Someone just give Jamal his own reality show at this point. Man I love the internet! 
  5. People, the cicadas should not be in this area until 2021. We have a few more years until those terrible creatures come up out the ground again. Calm down, for now!

Here is to an amazing week! Enjoy the weather!