B*TCH, Back Away from my Man!

We need to have a talk -- a very serious talk.  Recently I have been hearing a lot of stories about best friends stealing their best friend's man. *record scratch* 

No, I am not kidding you.  I have been hearing tales about women who were best friends and the friend then decides to sleep with her friends man. What kind of shit is this? 

Yes the mate has a huge responsibility in this act of betrayal. However, if this happened to me, I would be more devastated by the actions of my best friend. Men come and go, even husbands unfortunately, but your best friend, they are supposed to be there forever! To be abandoned and betrayed by a best friend is devastating! This person should have your best interest at heart, not trying to figure out if your man's dick swings low. 

Be on the look out! 

Be on the look out! 

So those in a relationship here are a few things to look for to see if your girl is trying to take your man. If she contacts him directly and often. The fuck she need to talk to him for? Unless he is planning a surprise party or buying an engagement ring, she does not need to be around him honey! LOL!  She always defends him. You are venting to your friend about his fuck ups and she ALWAYS defends him. Nope, you are my friend hussy! Unless I am truly in the wrong, then you support me!

Y'all have to be more careful. If you see someone doing this shit, you better put her in her place quickly. Apparently some women are so desperate that they will take your man right from under your nose. However, you have to stop giving them ammunition to do it. Stop sharing his favorite meals and drinks on Instagram. Don't share every sweet thing he does for you. Just stop! Don't give these heauxs no help! LOL! 

When I finally leave Singleville, and I see a bitch try to come for me and mine, oh she will know I am not the one. I tell you one thing for sure though, let one of my friends steal my man, every time I saw that bitch she would be delivered a fade on fucking site! ON SITE!!!  

What are you thoughts?  Would you be able to forgive either party? Or would you be delivering fades? LOL!  Are there any other signs you should look for to see if your friend is interested in your mate? Let me know in the comments.