5 Spot Vol. 26

It's SAG SEASON bitches!!!!! Rejoice! 

The new dynamic duo! 

The new dynamic duo! 

  1. Coconut water is trash. It taste like what I would assume the fucknut elect's bath water taste like. It is an uninspiring drink and just flat out gross! 
  2. I think we need to stop calling these lunatics the Alt-right. No! Call them what they are Neo-Nazi, racist, homophobic pieces of shit! Stop trying to cover it up with cute little names and shit! Sadly these people are our neighbors, doctors, co-workers, etc. Don't sugar coat what they are! Call them exactly what they are! 
  3. Why the fuck is Macy's opening on Thanksgiving? They have a one day sale twice a week. So how special is this Black Friday Sale going to be that they feel the need to open on Thanksgiving Day. Macy's you are doing the absolute most for no reason at all. 
  4. You know what I am most looking forward to in marriage? Fucking my husband all around the world. Hold the kids please! They are not needed for this fairytale to be complete! HAHAHA!
  5. Can we also talk about the jewel that is the Martha and Snoop Potluck TV Show? I don't know what executive at VH1 approved this show, but I thank you. I thank that person for all of us. Who knew that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg would be a match made in heaven. LOVE THIS SHOW! How can I get tickets?

Keep practicing self care my friends! Make a plan to close out the year with a BANG!