Welcome back to East of the Mississippi! After a few weeks of contemplation and pressure from friends, I have decided to bring back my blog. YAY!!! My goal is to post content CONSISTENTLY. Ay dios mio!

I have got to admit I have done some pretty cool things to engage with people on the Internet.  On Facebook, I have my ‘5Spot” list. On twitter there was Boonie Rachet Hour – it most certainly lived up to its name! Then there was the blog with my best friend – Friends Don’t Let Friends.  I had so much good stuff all over the place. East of the Mississippi is meant to put all of this into one spot. See, I think about ways to make it easier for y’all! LOL!   

So now, let me lay out the rules of engagement:

1.     Please leave comments! I really want to hear what you think.

2.     Don’t expect censorship. I will talk about things I want in the manner that I want to. Just remember, this here is my shit!

3.     Share! Share! Share! If you like something please feel free to share with others you know!

4.     There will be some guest bloggers at times. Don’t be alarmed.

5.     Lastly, let’s have a ton of fun together!


That’s all. Let’s go!