Timing, Timing, Timing

We always hear the cliché saying, “timing is everything.”  

Timing, timing, timing…

Today was Father’s Day – a holiday until this year was never on my radar. Growing up without a father figure, I never celebrated the day.  This year Father’s Day would be different,I had decided to build on the momentum of my budding relationship with my father and send him a gift.

After consulting with my mom, sisters, several close friends, and family members, from my father’s side, I had decided on the perfect gift. Last weekend, I sat down in my basement with my boof boof (best friend)and my mom. We gathered pictures from every stage of my life to build a 20-page scrapbook. There were pictures from every stage of my life – birth, elementary school, middle school, high school, proms, graduations, college, major birthdays, my 1st home, etc. The last page of the scrapbook was a blank page that simply said, “To be continued…” 

Sample Pages from "The Scrapbook"

Timing, timing, timing…

The days the scrapbook was in the possession of FedEx, I was a nervous wreck. The fear of rejection and the thought of disapproval of the gift were making me sick. I was literally sick for two days. Despite the reassurance from everyone, I was preparing myself for the worst.

As I looked back over my journey with developing the relationship with my father, it started around the time my grandmother’s health began to deteriorate. Eighteen months later, on the 1-year anniversary of mygrandmother’s passing, I was celebrating the marriage nuptials of my littlesister. My grandmother is gone. I am celebrating with my father’s side of thefamily. My grandmother is gone. I am celebrating with my father’s side of the family.  I had to keep repeating it to myself, because it was truly a surreal moment.

Timing, timing, timing…

All my life, I looked forward to the moment that I could knowmy father’s side of the family and develop those relationships. The more Ithought about it God timed it for my relationship with my father to spark atthe perfect point in my life when I would I need it the most. In order to fillthe void left by my grandmother’s passing, God gave me a whole new family.  

On Father’s Day 2012, my father called me to thank me forthe scrapbook and to say that he was extremely pleased with the gift. **

insert huge grin

** He loved it! He loved my gift! I am so blessed that I am beinggiven the opportunity to start this journey. Hopefully from this point forward, I won’t have to document any major life events in a scrapbook. We can both continue this journey together!