He Say...

Sunday evening I posted my opinion of Black Girls Rock and my reaction to a FB status I saw immediately after the show wrapped. I asked my BFF male to provide some insight to the status…here are his musings!!! :)
BET, for once, presented an excellent representation of what black women; better yet all women should strive for.  The beauty of the talent and inspiration shown during that Two Hour Special was definitely something to be proud of.  During the show I received many texts and messages from black women stating how awe inspired they were with the showing of the many different talented women of color.  
I was asked to reflect on a status that A viewed on Facebook after viewing the Black Girls Rock special.         
“I’m going to always be pro women. I believe in building up our women. But if I wasn’t too tired id go in on the fact that our women have to wait until Tyler Perry movies or the I rock on bet to realize their strength and self worth. sincerely frustrated bachelor.” 
Now I am not a frustrated bachelor, as I have been lucky enough to have found my jewel.  But I have lived a little bit to understand the frustrations of this young black man.   
Let me start by saying, BLACK WOMEN ARE AWESOME!  They are beautiful and gifted in more ways than any demographic in this country.  I salute all black women who handle their business and head their households when no one else is around to do anything better.    
The problem that a lot of men find is that for every strong black woman that is aware of their worth, strength, courage, fears, triumphs, desires, wants, and needs; there are another 2 black women who allow their self respect and dignity to be defined by society and black men.  A lot of depictions in mainstream media depict the whole demographic of Black women as educated, beautiful, and unable to find a man.  While there are so many of these women in society making an imprint, there is also the group that this brother speaks about that causes so much “frustration”.   
Many Black women have allowed their self worth to be defined by some man who has controlled their heart, mind, and aspirations.  These permanent scars are seen in their interactions with their children, friends, and men who are trying to pursue them.  I have interacted with plenty of black women who live daily with a negative aura surrounding them.  Many of these women have allowed someone else to define their self worth.  When they view a depiction of strong black women such as Black Girls Rock!, it becomes a slight inspiration and realization of what they could be.  
When this young brother states that he is frustrated, he honestly and very likely might be.  Not with the Black Women that are and were reflected in this show, but with the Black women who don’t realize that self esteem is created thru your own belief.