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5Spot Vol.7

It is only one hour, but why does it wreck so much havoc! Boo to daylight savings time! 

 This is FUCKING 50! 

This is FUCKING 50! 

  1. How come it takes you six tries to get off the phone with your mother? You'll be like "ok mom, I will talk to you later," and she will say "Girl, did I tell you about your brother?" Mom I just said I will talk to you later. LMAO!
  2. Man! Elise Neal looks fucking amazing! I saw the pictures of her yesterday and walked away from the candy I was about to eat. LMAO!
  3. A venti chai latte extra hot no water with soy milk makes mornings worth living!
  4. A 2016 goal of mine is to give up men with locs. They do me no good and are nothing but trouble! If I could write yelp reviews for all of the men with locs I have dealt with, it would simply say "Prepare to be dickmatized! You have been warned!" Where the bald head men at?  
  5. Confession:  I am black. I am black and I can't play spades well.  Well actually I am black and I don't play spades because I can't play well and black people take spade games very serious. 


B*TCH, Back Away from my Man!