All Six Beyoncé Albums Ranked!

KG is back on the blog! Since everyone is still on a Beychella high, we figured this is the perfect time to do this. Today we took it upon ourselves to do a definitive ranking of Queen Bey's six studio albums.

He Says:

Again, let me start with a full disclosure - I am not in the Beyhive and don’t have an emotional attachment to this woman. Listen some of y'all are downright scary!  But I am here to judge the music and the post twin beauty. 

6. I Am...Sasha Fierce - Ehhh not my favorite. I think she tried to get mass radio play on this one and achieved it.  But from an artistic standpoint, this was not the album for me.  It did produce her biggest single to date and I think her timeless anthem in 'Single Ladies'. 

  • High Points - Halo, Smash Into You, Hello
  • Low Points - Ave Maria (what was she thinking), Radio (might be one of the corniest songs she has ever produced)

5. Beyoncé -  I feel like this is the album that she became a cultural icon.  She was huge before, but this album I think made her the biggest artist in the world.  She dropped the album with no notice and it took over the world for the remainder of that weekend.  The album was super sexy with good visuals and had a strong female empowerment tone to it. 

  • High Points - Drunk In Love, Pretty Hurts (Some folks *Boonie* think this song is garbage), Rocket
  • Low Points - Blow, XO (sorry I know people like this one, but it was bland), Heaven, Blue

4. B’ Day - I honestly feel like every song from this album was a single at some point.  A lot of radio play hits, but not a really cohesive album. 

  • High Points- Kitty Kat, Irreplaceable (Timeless song), Resentment (Top 3 best Beyoncé Song even though it was a remake)
  • Low Points - Suga Mama (Corny, lol), Green Light.

3.  Dangerously in Love - I remember being in Harlem the day Hot 97 dropped Dangerously in Love. They played 'Crazy in Love' at least 15 times in a row.  I did not think Beyoncé was as big as she was, but now it made sense why she had to go solo. 

  • High Points - Crazy in Love, Dangerously in Love, Speechless, Yes, Be With You
  • Low Points - That’s How You Like It, Hip Hop Star, Daddy

2. Lemonade - Ok, let me get this out of the way.  Lemonade is an amazing album.  It is cohesive and thematic and had an emotional connection with people. Not a lot of Beyoncé’s music does. Sorry just telling the truth. [Boonie Note: THIS IS SO TRUE.]  But the reason I personally did not put Lemonade at number one is because of its limited replay value for non Bey Hive members.  I love it, but if being critical that is its drawback.  Additionally the album is 10 times better with the attached visual.  And the album is great by itself.

  • High Points- Daddy Lesson, Forward, Freedom
  • Low Points - Sandcastles (I like the song better with the visual…without its dry).  Formation (Fit well to close out the album but by itself is not a good song at all)
KG's fav Beyoncé album.

KG's fav Beyoncé album.

1.  4 - The album starts off with my favorite Beyoncé song Love on Top (That Modulation Dawg!) and continues to excel from there.  4 was her moment.  She left Daddy Knowles and took the reins to herself.  Really good production and a good feeling R&B album.  Her radio hits were fun but also album listens as well.  This one should have been called I am Sasha Fierce because it did the job of meshing both personalities she has been trying to show.   

  • High Points- Love on Top, I Care, Rather Die Young, 1+1 (Your New Favorite Funeral Song), Best Thing I Never Had
  • Low Points - Schoolin Life, Run The World (Don’t Shoot the Messenger)

She Says:

I have been wanting to do this now. If you listened to episode 55, you heard me say that Beyoncé's music doesn't really move me sonically. However, when she performs, you can't take your eyes off of her. NO DENYING THAT! Let's get to this ranking...

6. I Am...Sasha Fierce - TRASH! Hot buttered trash! This album gave us 'Halo', so yea fuck I Am...Sasha Fierce! Video phone is my shit though! 

5. Dangerously in Love - Our first look at Beyoncé the solo artist. It was a great debut album outside of 'Daddy' and 'Gift from a Virgo'. 'Me, Myself, and I' is my favorite Beyoncé song ever! I was so happy she brought it back at the Formation Tour. 

4. Lemonade - You are probably shocked I ranked this album so low huh? BUTTTTTTTTT, without the visual and the poetic interludes, this one doesn't do much for me. It has very little replay value. I never want to be so in love with someone that I connect with the dreadful 'Sandcastles' record.  I honestly think I hate this song more than 'Halo' and I HATE THAT SONG! 

3. Beyonce - This was damn near a perfect album. DAMN NEAR! It was sexy and fun, but songs like Pretty Hurts, Heaven and Blue ruined it for me. I'll bend on Blue, because of the obvious, but I never listen to it. Give me Partition, Flawless, and Jealous all day long. 

Boonie's fav Beyonce album! 

Boonie's fav Beyonce album! 

2. B'day -  This was such a fun album! I also must say I prefer to listen to the deluxe edition to simply hear 'Flaws and All' and 'World Wide Woman'. She recorded this album in 3 weeks and it had so many bangers, both mainstream hits and those b side cuts. Can I tell y'all how much I love 'Green Light'?

1. 4 - Even though I do not enjoy the lead single Run the World (Girls), I really love this album. My favorite song is End of Time. It was the first time Beyoncé tried something different and it worked. She even had the beast Diane Warren give her a bomb ass ballad with 'I Was Here.' So many great and fun songs on 4

So talk to us! What is your favorite Beyoncé album? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!



P.S. We might have to update this list if she drops new music after Beychella 2. LOL!