2018 Goal Check-In

Time to check in friends! 

Q1 of 2018 is gone, well damn near gone. We have already put 90 days of 2018 in the book. How are you progressing with your goals you set for yourself this year? Let's check in on our progress to date.

If you have been following me for a while now, then you know every year I do a vision board to have a visual representation of my goals.  I wrote in early January, about my goals. I also talked about my goals in more detail on the podcast, you can listen here

For 2018, I choose the word THRIVE, as my word of the year. It was the one word that applied to all areas of my life. I just want to THRIVE! Below is an update on my 2018 goals:

  1. Health & Wellness - I am doing better this year with movement than I did in 2017! I have been consistent in yoga and meditation and it so amazing. Q2 I am ready to get back it lifting weights and doing more fun cardio. I also want to get my mom moving with doing walking with her a few times a week. 
  2. Dating - My theme for dating this year is "do different shit for different results." I hate to admit it but it is kind of working! I think I can thank KG for that! HAHAHA! I say all that to say, I am dating! *gasp*
  3. The Boonie Breakdown - I have blogged more consistently for all of you who haven't yet hopped on the podcast train. I launched Season 3 of the podcast. So far the reception has been amazing; this has been my biggest season of the podcast. I hosted an event with Kim of Pish Posh Perfect called The Perfect Breakdown and more events are on the way. The big thing is that The Boonie Breakdown Live will happen on June 23, 2018. If you sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page, you'll have first dibs on the limited set of tickets. Ok shameless plug over now, LOL! 
  4. Money Goals - I paid off one credit card, YAY! I am still actively working on trying to adapt to a budget. This is one of the hardest things I have tried to do! I am not giving up on that. I have also started purging my house and selling things on Poshmark and using the coins to put on debt. My plus size girls can shop my store here
  5. Travel Goals - So my leave is still on the mend, STILL, however I am going to try to get to some new places this year. I was able to do a quick five day cruise with a friend earlier this month. It was the perfect lazy vacation. No hard set plans yet for more vacations, but best believe I will be getting somewhere - well a few somewheres! LOL! 

So check in with me in the comments. Let me know where you are standing in your progress for the year. I know I will be spending some time this week tweaking a few goals and making action steps for the refurbished goals. Maybe you can try to do the same too as we head into Q2!