So much is happening on social media that annoys me, so I wrote about some of the most egregious offenses. LMAO! 

  1. The person who consistently post all their Facebook statues in the Microsoft Paint format. 
  2. The person who uses Facebook like Twitter.
  3. The person who always goes on SnapChat, records a video. Then saves the video to their SnapChat memories. Then saves the video to their phone. Then opens Instagram. Then uploads the video to their InstaSnap. Yea that person! 
  4. The person who never likes your Anti 45 messages. LMAO! 
  5. The person who constantly post #lostfiles. Oh you mean the pictures you have had in your phone and have never in fact been lost, oh those pictures. Ok got it!
  6. The person who types 'HBD' on your birthday post. 
  7. The person who goes live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. 
  8. The person who always shares the obituary of celebrity and they have been dead for 10 years.
  9. The person who replies all in tweets for 10 consectutive tweets.
  10. Anyone who ever uses Facebook stories. FAIL! 
  11. The person who post something that reveals all their -isms and it leaves no choice but to unfriend or unfollow.
  12. The person who will never stop DM'ing you, no matter how many times you ignore them
  13. The person who still chooses to post things in the 3x3 grid on Instagram. You know we scroll a timeline to see pictures right?
  14. The person who still shares #FakeNews. That's so 2016!
  15. The person who tags you to stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with you.
  16. The person who shares every fake scam. You are not going to win Delta airline tickets, a piece of that woman's lottery prize, or a free Range Rover. 
  17. The person who always goes live for no damn reason.

Whew! I got it out! That felt good. Tell me what other type of social media offenders burn your gears?