First World Problems We All Know Too Well!

We all try not to complain about things, but sometimes its just hard not to! Here is my list of things that are totally ridiculous, but always get a gripe out of me.

1. Underwire coming out of your bra and poking you in your side.

2. iPhone and Macbook cords shredding. Why does this still happen?

Literally the worse! 

Literally the worse! 

3. Growing out your eyebrows. Not up for debate! 

4. Microwaving your food and its still cold on the inside when you go to eat it.

5. Living in a country that has a bigoted idiot as its leader. 

6. When an item is not available for Amazon Prime.

7. Hotels not offering free wifi. 

8. People who don't put the toilet paper roll on the proper way. IT'S OVER PEOPLE!

9. Being forced to use Internet Explorer. 

10. Not having enough hangers. 

11. You follow someone on Instagram after a cool post on the Explore page, but then everything they post after you follow is wack!


12. When people ask you what you want for your birthday and you can't think of anything!

13. Not having your headphones at work! 

14. Not being able to listen to a particular album on Spotify.

15. Looking at your gross salary! 

Am I missing anything? What are some first world problems that you experience?