5Spot - Black Entertainment is Killing the Game!

Representation MATTERS! 

It is so nice to have OPTIONS to choose from when watching television and going to the movies. This post is dedicated to all of the amazing dope examples of blackness that are winning right now in TV and film. 

Essence was a silent winner too! 

Essence was a silent winner too! 

  1. Power has y'all in a god damn tizzy! It is great to see a "black" show getting major attention and steady ratings. The show is cool, but y'all have to chill with the Facebook post blaming people for spoilers and watching the show early! The show isn't complex enough to have spoilers, but it definetely delivers some surprises. 
  2. Then we have Insecure! God bless Issa Rae for giving us a show that in her words is "very, very black." *insert Praise God hands emoji* I have never related to a TV show more in my life than I have this one. The soundtrack on the show is popping!!! I legit got lit when I heard Cardi B. Issa is fucked up. Lawrence is trash. Molly is a ride or die friend. Kelly is me, but for real -- the big girl funny friend who has a podcast, I mean! LOL! The show is perfect. I lost my shit when the bloods came to the party -- "You bute and thick." SO AUTHENTIC. I really want the season to be longer than 8 episodes. I mean HBO, can we get 13 episodes like VEEP? I do want to take this moment to say a giant FUCK YOU to Lawrence for delivering them tired five-weak-ass-raw-ass pumps! Like Issa still hasn't been dick down properly. NOPE! Issa girl, when you gonna get another pillow though?
  3. On the movie front, we have Black Panther. I know we have months before this comes out but I saw pictures of the cast at San Diego Comic Con and it was peak black excellence. I don't even go to the movies like that and I definetely don't go to see comic movies that aren't Batman -- but I will be seeing this! OMG! Like all of that blackness, has to be seen on the big screen!
  4. Then we have Ava and Oprah killing us with the amazingness that is Queen Sugar. The show is amazing and shot so beautifully. I thank them for allowing us to look at the fine black man that is Kofi Siriboe every week. Have you seen a more beautiful creature? They deserve an award for just giving that man his break. 
  5. Now the highlight of my weekend was going to see Girl's Trip. I have to say this was one of the funniest movies I had seen in a long long time. The trailers for the movie really didn't do it any justice. Not one ounce of justice. I totally want to go see this film again in the theaters. I was laughing and crying so hard at some scenes that I know I missed things. Kudos Essence Fest and all it's sponsors for having the low key shine the whole damn movie. Essence Fest looked so lit this year on Instagram. I have to go next year, this movie confirmed it! TIFFANY HADDISH IS A GOD DAMN STAR! I want them to do the same for Tiffany Haddish that they did for Melissa McCarthy...PUT HER IN EVERY DAMN THING!

Even with The Carmichael Show being canceled, I feel like we are in peak black entertainment right now! I am living! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



P.S. If you loved the music on the first episode of Insecure, HBO releases playlist every week on Spotify. Click here for this week's playlist.