5Spot - I'm Old as F*ck Edition!

This morning it hit me, "FUCK I'M OLD!"

  1. Remember when you could call the time? In Baltimore it was 844-1212. After it rang, you would hear "At the tone the time will be 7:30 and 45 seconds." Shit would repeat one time and then hang the fuck up! LMAO! Why did we call the time, I mean we had clocks around. Who was the voice of the time? Did they have all the time combinations pre-recorded? Or was there a call center where people just answered and said the time when they picked up? I have way more questions now! LOL! 
    • Shit remember when you could make phone calls without dialing an area code?
  2. I watched a Facebook video this morning that said the following songs are turning 20 years old this year: Mariah Carey's Honey, Missy's The Rain, 112's Cupid, Usher's You Make Me Wanna, Sugar Ray's Fly, Backstreet Boys Quit Playing Games With My Heart, and Spice Girl's Wannabe. Like that was 7th and 8th grade in one three minute clip! 
  3. I got up out the bed this morning and my bones cracked. Like so many of them. Things just hurt now. I see a podiatrist... a PODIATRIST! Like that has to be one of the top three doctors to see when you are old as fuck! Why is this happening now? Why is this necessary? 
  4. The recovery time from getting drunk is just way to harsh and too much to bear. It would be nothing to get drunk as fuck and be good the next day. Now it takes me two to three days to recover. I feel like I got hit by a truck. 
  5. I have no fucking idea what half these rap songs are talking about. That beat gets me moving and I am singing the words. Then I head to UrbanDictionary.com or Genius to see what the fuck this shit means. "Mama told me not to sell work, seventeen five, same color t-shirt." That shit knocks, but I had learned that a kilo of cocaine is $17,500 and that he is making a reference to the color cocaine being white like his t-shirt. FUCKKKKK! *keeps rocking out in my car though*

What other ways are you guys finally admitting to yourself that you are old? Talk to me and let me know! 



P.S. Sorry I have been slacking on the blogging guys! I really have been enjoying podcasting way more. *gasp* I promise to do better! SERIOUSLY! Have a great weeekend!