A Golden Ticket? Diner en Blanc Baltimore

What the fuck did I just sign up for? No really?!

I have yet to get on a plane and take my ass anywhere this year, but that will soon change. This seems to be my summer of bougie activities, first the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic and now Diner En Blanc.  I was privileged enough to get a ticket in Phase 1 for Diner En Blanc Baltimore. YAY! Right?! Right?!

After securing the tickets, this email comes with this laundry list of trash ass instructions. Why am I paying , or even excited, to attend an event where I literally have to bring my whole house with me? Like I legit thought the all white requirement was enough, now I find out I have to bring my own chair. I literally have to bring my own chair; along with table, silverware, plates, food, white tablecloth, etc. Like what?! We can't even bring paper or plastic products. No canned beverages and plastic bottles. What do they suggest that I bring my water in? Who the fuck is carrying all this heavy shit?! I have food, glass bottles and plates, table and chairs, all while not trying to get this white attire dirty! PRAY FOR ME SAINTS! 

Did I really just pay to be taken to a place I don't know where I am going AND I have to bring everything I need? What kind of special am I? Am I the only one who finds this absurd?! LMAO! Now I feel dumb for buying a ticket and I am literally laughing at myself. HAHA! You know what really took me out from the instruction list -- the steps for trash removal. The email states "Dispose of your rubbish in a garbage bag and take your bag with you. No garbage bags are to be left on the site."

Excuse me what?!?! I have to take my trash with me! I was thinking well bright side I won't have to bring all that shit back with me. WRONG! I literally have to take all of it back with me. THIS IS HILARIOUS! 

I am going to go, because now I have to see how this is any type of fun! So talk to me! Have you been to Diner En Blanc before? How was it? Any tips for newbies attending for the first time? Do you really have fun? Let me know in the comments! UGH! I legit feel like Remy Ma was talking to me when she asked "Are you dumb?" LMAO!