When Memes Try It! Vol. 7

I love how there is always a meme going around to shame those who love social media. This one was so easy to refute. So let's go...

  1. Do you know how much cellular-at-sea cost? When I cruise my phone is off. AT&T wanted to charge me $19.99 per mb of data, NOPE! Ain't know way all them people could afford to pay it to capture the sinking boat. 
  2. Then would you even have service out there?
  3. Now we know iPhones are only water resistant. So who in the hell is putting their iPhone at risk like that! 
  4. The Titanic wouldn't sink today. Global warming has killed all the icebergs. So problem solved. Even though, that fucknut and his motley crew of misfits says there is no such thing as global warming. We all know the deal. 
  5. Hasn't the bystander effect been around before phones?! This isn't new behavior that people won't help those in need around them. 
  6. Wouldn't everyone be too busy having heart attacks and dying to be worried about pulling out their phones?
  7. In the iPhone on the left, why is the boat already underwater?
  8. No one dropped their phone in the water while they were going over board?
  9. Would my black ass be allowed on this Titanic? All the hands in the water are white!
  10. Did all the DROID users get on the life boats? Were they yelling "Samsung and whatever else type of DROID phone exist users first?"

I mean I could go on and on here! I get what people are trying to say, but I am becoming more and more convinced that people are making these things for attention. At least this one isn't watermarked. LOL!