Episode 12 - Been Around the World!

New episode of the podcast is here! 

I am joined by Ashlee Tuck, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Will Drink for Travel! We have an awesome discussion about our favorite international destinations, why we want to do more domestic travel, and what country has the best food! We even give great tips on how to make travel a priority and even affordable! 

In the podcast, Ashlee mentioned a few things: 

  • Registering all International Trips with the State Department -- STEP Traveler

  • Remember to join all the loyalty programs you can! Points are you friend!

  • Be sure to visit Ashlee on the internet at her website and all social media! 

On an informative note, with all that is happening in the news on domestic airlines, you should know your rights as a consumer. Visit this site to learn more! 

Enjoy the episode!

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Thanks y'all!