This Lady Won Life!

Last night I was on Facebook and I saw a picture of a white lady in a fur coat over and over again and I didn't know why. So immediately I took to Twitter to confirm who she was! 

She was the neighbor of 45's daughter. BOOOO! (Sidenote: That house is hideous for $5million.) Then I find out she was delightfully enjoying hundreds of protesters having a dance party in front of 45's daughters house. YAYYYYY!

Look at her face! Look at her glee! Momma decide she was going to perch herself on the steps of her Caucasian home draped in her finest mink coat, with a glass of wine to watch the festivities. She has won at life. She is living life to the utmost. It's like she spoke directly to Jill Scott to learn how to live her life like its golden.

Let this woman have a TED talk, so she can tell us what she was thinking in that very moment. Teach us! I honestly don't know who this lady is, what she stands for, but I am her friend for this picture. LOL! I am inspired by her pettiness! 

We here at The Boonie Breakdown salute this woman for being the petty blueprint. HONESTLY, TRULY! We raise our wine glass up to you! 


P.S. If you didn't get the Joann the Scammer references in this post, DO BETTER!