5Spot Vol. 33

Spring has finally sprung! I have my bare legs out! WHOOP WHOOP! LOL! 

Some of y'll are snobs! LOL! 

Some of y'll are snobs! LOL! 

  1. I hate sales that be like "up to 50% off." Look give me 50% off or don't!  So damn annoying. 
  2. Speaking of shopping, this new coupon phenomenon is so interesting to watch. I don't have it in me to invest the time into couponing. I literally see it as a time versus money argument. I commend everyone who has the dedication to commit to it.  I 'd rather pay someone to do it, but then wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the savings. LMAO! 
  3. I saw a commercial talk about ADT providing 140 years of service and safety. I'm like hold up wait. How the hell have they done that? Electricity in homes didn't become widespread in America until the 1930s. So was ADT selling -- wind chimes to put on your doors and windows in the 1890s? I keep meaning to research the history of the home burglar alarm, but forget every time until I see that damn commercial. 
  4. It's April 11, 2017 and I have been in the United States all of 2017. *gasp* 
  5. Kudos to Homeland! It is the best show on television. How do the writers effortlessly create seasons that so closely mirror what is playing out in real life?! HOW SWAY?! Another brilliant season that left us viewers with so many damn cliff hangers. 

If you haven't listened yet, be sure to check out yesterday's podcast episode. I have been getting good feedback on this one!