5Spot Vol. 32

I have got to be honest, I feel like I have neglected the blog! I have been so wrapped up in the podcast, that I haven't put any time into writing.

  1. My sincerest apologies blog readers! Developing so much content is a lot for your girl! Now that I have a good rhythm and flow down with the podcast, I think I am in a better place to balance both. 
  2. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has become the land of Thottie McThottingtons! I love my good Monday night trash, but last night the meeting of Side Chicks United was too much. When did women start openingly bragging about sleeping with married men? That was just some trash ass shit! 
  3. Now on the flip side, how many women did Kirk Frost sleep with this season who are not his wife Rasheeda? So that's trash too! 
  4. It is so incredibly hard for me to work under people who I have little to no respect for. Why on God's beautiful green earth do you think people would work for you and you can not provide a supportive and productive environment?
  5. My networking marketing peeps gotta chill sometimes. Like yes, get your money; but "No means No." Please stop with the fake personal appeals asking me about my day, but you really just want to peddle your products or services. I saw your status. If I were interested, I would have inquired further. 

That's all for now. Have a great rest of the week guys!