5Spot Vol. 30

Thank you for listening to the first episode of the podcast! If you still haven't listened then what in the entire fuck are you waiting for? Listen now! I appreciate all of the feedback, so keep the topics coming. 

  1. The Internet has blessed us with #StrandedBae, #HurtBae, and #BootBae in one week. What is next? Like is this the next way to get put on? I wanna be a hashtag bae. Sike! Literally being an internet meme is one of my greatest fears! Real talk! I am not prepared to be plastered all over the innanets with various sayings on my face. *shivers* Well unless I can start a t-shirt line. Everyone who is anyone on the innanets has t-shirt line.
  2. I can wholeheartedly declare that financing an education was the dumbest thing I have ever done in life. No other decision that I ever made comes close to this fuck ass decision. Student loans really are the most fuck shit of all the fuck shitness that has plagued the earth. 
  3. Can we please stop telling people they need to buy plane tickets instead of Jordans? Can we please stop telling people they are poor because they buy weaves over Facebook stock? It is inaccurate as fuck! There is a better way to teach financial literacy or for people to cherish experiences over things. Let people spend their money on what the fuck they want. Now if you want to help people with financial literacy then do it in a better fucking way!
  4. This Is Us. I am assuming the father died in the recent episode. I am like 6 episodes behind. I really want to love this show because everyone does. It doesn't move me the way it moves y'all. However, it is a solid show. I am going to try to catch up soon and maybe I will be on board soon. 
  5. I have concluded that you are not black if a choir starts singing Total Praise and you don't react. You have to react to that song if you are black - DEM DA RULES! 

My northeast brethren get out and enjoy this beautiful weather today. It's gonna be 75 in DC today! YAY early spring!