When The Universe Tells You to Move...

...you get your shit together and fucking MOVE! 

I am so scared you guys! Like low key terrified. For that very reason, I know that what I am doing is the right thing to do. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone this year by making some changes on the site and the direction I want to take. You may have, or maybe not, noticed that I changed the name of my site. YAY! That small simple task was huge for me! ...East of the Mississippi (RIP), was cute -- safe even -- and easy for me to hide. 

Let's go! 

Let's go! 

Not anymore! It's time to put myself out there and fucking go for it! I started the first iteration of ...East of the Mississippi six years ago. I also had a blog with site contributor and BFF, KG around that same time. Then I stopped both. In the early days of twitter I used to host a twitter chat - Boonie84 Ratchet Hour! Since it ended about 3 years ago, people have been begging me to bring it back. 

Well Boonie84 Ratchet Hour has morphed into a podcast! It won't be 100% ratchet all the time, but I will be sure to keep the elements you loved about Ratchet Hour in the podcast! :) What made Ratchet Hour work was honestly the dialogue with you guys. I want you all to be apart of it and submit topics and/or your questions to be featured on the show. 

I am excited for what's next! Thanks for rocking with me guys and I hope you all stick around for what's to come!

Universe I heard you loud and clear!  


P.S. Taping the first episode of the podcast on Sunday! Get ready! Don't forget to send your questions, comments, topics, etc. in! YAY!