Don't Repost! You Aren't Going to Win!

I am here to stop you from looking like a damn dummy on the Internet. Here is a running list of things you will not win just by reposting an Image on your Instagram or Facebook page. 

  1. $5,000 from Oprah
  2. A new Range Rover
  3. Two Roundtrip tickets from Jet Blue Airlines 
  4. Any amount of money from any lottery winner that has ever won the lottery in the fucking history of the god damn lottery
  5. A new BMW
  6. Two Roundtrip tickets from Delta Airlines
  7. Any giveaway sponsored by Dave Lackie on Twitter
  8. Any Instagram Influencer giveaway that directs you to another persons page to follow and then to another persons page to follow (FUCK YOU!) 
  9. $10,000 from Tyler Perry
  10. Two Roundtrip tickets from Southwest Airlines
  11. A lifetime supply of Ciroc from Diddy
  12. $1,000,000 from Tyler Perry
  13. Student loan repayment from that bitch Sallie Mae and all her aliases
  14. A college scholarship
  15. A free iPhone X 

I am convinced some of y'all sent an African Prince or two a wire transfer after you got an email from them! Please just think before you repost these hoaxes. Stop the spread of Fake News please!!!!!