All Eight Rihanna Albums Ranked!

KG is back on the blog! Boonie made a bold claim in episode 31 of the podcast about Rihanna's catalog. Today we took it upon ourselves to do a definitive ranking of RiRi's eight studio albums.

He Says: 

Let me start with a full disclosure, I am not in the Navy. I just am interested in the music and staring at Thickanna pictures for five seconds when Boonie sends them to me.

Now let’s get to these Rankings.

8.  Music of the Sun - Trash it!  She tried to be Ciara, Christina Milian, Shakira, and Beyoncé all in the same album. Jay had no vision for where she was going.  

7.  Unapologetic - Rihanna threw us this fluff of an album during this decade. It’s amazing that Diamonds carried this album that far. Diamonds is one of the best songs Rihanna has ever released, but how do you start off an album with some shit called "Phresh Out the Runway"???

6.  A Girl Like Me - Trash It!  She thought she could be the female Sean Paul and ride the riddim wave.  She was young and she didn’t know no better.  But yea I am not running back to listen to this one.

5.  Loud - Middle of the Road album for Rihanna. Nothing wrong with it, it just doesn’t stack up with the top 4 in my opinion. It did produce "California King Bed", which rates as Number 1 on my Rihanna tracks list.  

4. Good Girl Gone Bad - A coming of age album that made her an international superstar. It is a well-polished Pop album that produced a ton of crossover hits ("Umbrella", "Shut Up and Drive", "Don’t Stop the Music", "Disturbia", "Take A Bow", and "Hate that I Love You").  Also, go back and listen to “Say It". That Mad Cobra sample is perfection.  

3. Rated R - A very dark album in my opinion that came after dealing with that nut ass Chris Brown. Complete step away from the Pop Fluff that had defined her early career. It was welcomed by me. The raw emotion on tracks like "Stupid in Love" and "Russian Roulette" make this album memorable.  

KG's pick for Rihanna's best album! 

KG's pick for Rihanna's best album! 

2. ANTI - Hell of a Record. This album had no fluff and limited safe tracks. She stepped out of her comfort zone for this one and killed it. Also Rihanna I am going to tell you again…GIVE US THE FULL VERSION OF "JAMES JOINT"!!  

1.  Talk That Talk - My personal favorite Rihanna Album. Most people will disagree but damnit look at the title.  She did exactly that.  It was a well-rounded album that blended hip hop, emotion, and great production. It also had two of the best EDM records of the decade back to back and "Birthday Cake" which was a minute and 18 seconds of perfection.   

She Says:

Y'all know I am a platinum card carrying member of the Navy! Y'all know this! I honestly thought this would have been an easier task, but I surely was wrong. My girl has a bomb ass catalog. I also want to say that a good amount of her music has aged pretty well! Nonetheless, here is my ranking!

8.  Music of the Sun - I can admit that when I first heard "Pon De Replay" I just knew she was going to be a one hit wonder. I knew it! I have already eaten my words, because I was dead ass wrong!    

7.  A Girl Like Me - My girl made me pay attention with the single "SOS". Not an amazing body of work, but it did us a few more singles like "Unfaithful", but the true unreleased stand out was "P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You). 

6.  Unapologetic - Now this is where things got difficult for me. I really liked Unapologetic, but comparatively it just had to be put here on my list. LOL! The album did give us a bomb ass Future collab with "Loveeeeeee Song". I adore "Stay" as well! 

5.  Good Girl Gone Bad - This is the album that made Rihanna motherfucking Rihanna! "Say It" is that  jam! 

4. Rated R - Rated R made me join the navy. When motherfucking "Rude Boy" dropped mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! "Stupid Love" is an amazing song as well! Also, was this the first time we heard rapping Rihanna on "Hard"?

3. Talk That Talk - Rihanna hit her stride with this album! So many bangers on this album and one of her biggest hits yet, "We Found Love". My personal favorite song is "Watch n' Learn" which we never got a video for and I am still devastated! STILL! 

Boonie's pick for Rihanna's best album.

Boonie's pick for Rihanna's best album.

2. Loud - I loved the red head Rihanna era! It was so fun and lighthearted. This album, 10 out of the 12 songs were great songs! Let's talk about "Skin" quite possibly one of her sexiest songs ever! 

1. ANTI - I mean I don't know how many amazing things I can say about this album? Rihanna did it! She made a complete body of work that was pure perfection!  Almost two years since its release, I still listen to this album at least once a week! 

So talk to us! What is your favorite Rihanna album? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!