Boonie's Wishlist from Oprah's 2017 Favorite Things!

It's Lit! It's officially Christmas season because Momma Oprah has released her 2017 Favorite Things list!

If you know me, you know that I love Christmas -- it is my favorite holiday and nothing else comes close! NOTHING! When I saw Oprah's tweet announcing her 2017 favorite things list, I immediately click on it with the vigor 80's baby when the JCPenney Christmas catalog arrived. Do they still do the JCPenney Christmas catalog? Man those were the days! Anyhoo, see my favorite items below!

  1.  Gratitude Glass Jar - Oh my goodness! So cute and what a great gift this would make. I can already see it sitting on my living room bookshelf! 
  2. Vionic Women's Midi Perf Slip-on Sneaker - So here is a story! I just went to the podiatrist last week and she referred this brand of shoes to me. She said that I need to start buying more supportive shoes as I get older. WOMP! Then to my surprise I see this brand on Oprah's favorite things list. So if they are good enough for Lady O, then they are good enough for Boonie! 
  3. Pudus Unisex Classic Slipper Socks - Speaking of feet, LOL, I love this time of year to wear my slipper socks as I lounge around the house. Last year when I was in the hospital, I asked for a few extra pair of hospital socks to take home for this very purpose, LOL! However, Oprah's choice for slipper socks are much cuter and cozier than hospital socks!
  4. Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer - I can not tell you how many times I have sat at KG's house watching in the Kitchen with David on QVC and we have fantasied about getting air fryers. Is that fat or what!?
  5. 23AndMe -- You know I am a fan of this company. I both blogged and podcasted about my experience using 23andMe. Right now through Thanksgiving they have a special running on their Ancestry Kits. Use my referral link to order yours today! 
  6. Lands End Flannel Plaid Shirts - Did Oprah think of me when making this list? I love nothing more than a plaid button down, rolled sleeve shirt. I have plenty in my closet and can always make room for more! 
  7. The Wisdom of Sundays - Oprah's latest book which is a companion to her hit TV Show Super Soul Sundays has been on my Amazon Wish List since its release. If you have not checked out the podcast, YOU TOTALLY SHOULD! 
  8. Herbal Chai Collection - Seventy-nine damn dollars for some chai tea. I have to experience this, it must be the best damn chai latte in the world! LMAO! 

You can check out the rest of Oprah's favorite things list here. What are you hoping to snag this year? Let me know! 



P.S. I am also working on her 2017 Shopping Black Business Guide to highlight great black owned businesse. If you wish for Boonie to consider including your business, please email by Thursday, November 9th.