Top 3 Songs that Delay the Pastor from Preaching

If you grew up in a black church, then you have experienced this a many Sunday. Before you start, yes I went to church, LOL! 

I grew up in the Baptist church. We often went to 11:00 am service, and if we were going to make it out church by 1:30 pm the pastor had to start his sermon by 12:15 pm. Now in my church, the choir would always sing one last song after the love offering but before the sermon. This one song selection was crucial to weather you would be getting out of church on time. 

These three song selections could add 45 minutes to an hour to all baptist church services. Like seriously! I always blame the choir director, whether or not church service went too long. 

Honorable Mention - "Great is Thy Faithfulness" - This isn't a song, but a good 'ol hymn! If you see the congregation's favorite soloist stand up to sing this song, the preacher isn't starting that sermon for another 20-30 minutes. By time the soloist finished the "Morning by morning new mercies I see" line half the church is on their feet! 

#3 - "The Presence of the Lord is Here" - Soon as the first five words of the song are sung and before the beat of the song drops the entire church is on their feet. This song produces a joyful praise and shout not the ugly cry. People are smiling, clapping, practically doing a club like two-step in the aisles, tambourines are shaking; everyone in the church is in a joyful praise as the choir leader commands the few stragglers still sitting to stand. By time the choir gets to the "Can't you see him working on the outside" part, even Mother Hubbard who passes out butterscotch candies is standing and clapping. 

#2 - "Total Praise" - Fifteen seconds into this song someone is already in a full blown broken ugly cry shout. The church nurses are in the stationed in the aisles because someone is going to fall out! Not every church choir can sing this song! I honestly can not truly feel this song until I approve of the choir who is singing it. There is no room for error when singing this one in a black church AND its the song selection right before the pastor preaches. When the choir starts singing "Amen, Amen, Amennnnnnnn," it's easily 75 people crying. You probably got goosebumps reading this because you could hear the song in your head. It's OK, go ahead and PRAISE HIM! 

# 1 - "For Every Mountain" - I have never seen a song take out more people than this Kurt Carr classic. If this song is ever sang and you don't feel the spirit and/or cry, then you are either the the devil or you haven't been through anything in life! LOL! By time this selection is done, the choir director and half the choir are laid out. The musicians are still playing, the congregation is in full blown worship mood and the pastor is up on the pulpit saying "FOR EVERY MOUNTAIN, y'all better get up on your feet and open your mouth and praise him." NO OTHER SONG WILL DELAY A CHURCH SERMON LIKE THIS ONE! 

What other church songs will delay the pastor from preaching? Let me know in the comments.