5Spot Vol.29

How are you guys holding up? I honestly don't know how I am feeling. I finally decided to find a new therapist; maybe that's an indicator of how I am feeling. LOL! 



  1.  I literally need a daily newsletter to inform me of the actions of our new yam colored "leader." I seriously can not take this trickling of hourly fuck ups. How am I going to survive the next four years like this? HOW SWAY HOW? Every hour its something, something dreadful...so I am asking for someone to make a daily newsletter that compiles all the fuck ups of the day. I might implode otherwise. I have PTSD from this. 
  2. Ciara's Body Party is still a jam!
  3. Have you ever looked a total stranger and made deep intense eye contact. You know the other person read in your eyes "I would fuck you right here on this metro platform." You know that they got that from your eyes because they look back at you again and smirk. LORD PLEASE LET ME SEE THAT MAN AGAIN! *insert praying hand emojis* That was a better morning pick me up than Starbucks! 
  4. A beach vacation is needed! Can someone donate paid vacation days to me? LOL! 
  5. Last night was Part One of the New Edition Story on BET. So far it was great! Everything was excellent about the production except two things -- the hair budget and all them damn commercials. GOD DAMN IT BET! That little boy playing Bobby Brown... SPOT ON! Kudos to the casting director! 

Happy hump day folks!


P.S. I will be on a hiatus for a few days! I will be back with a new name and new look! YAY!!!!!!