Cape Town, You Won My Heart!

I always know when I love a new city, if I can wait to get back! Only a few places have that affect on me and Cape Town was certainly one of them! OMG! 

Cape Town is a huge cosmopolitan city that can offer you so much! It was quite breathtaking with amazing views almost anywhere in the city! On our first day there we did the Hop On Hop Off bus tour -- all three routes.  It was a great way to see Cape Town in its entirety and decide where we wanted to explore more. Sit up top to get the great views! 

The next day we took the voyage to Robben Island -- the infamous jail where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners where held. That is all I am going to say on that in this post. I have so many thoughts on that one, that it deserves its own post. 

After visiting Robben Island, we stayed at the V&A Waterfront. We purchased tickets for The Cape Wheel to watch the sunset. It was gorgeous and again you can get some great views from the top of the wheel. Afterwards we had dinner and drinks at Meloncino. The food and staff were amazing! The restaurant host even remembered us when we went back. We had an appetizer, drinks, entrees, and desert; even with tip, the bill was only $40. How you say? The dollar is super strong against the South African Rand. Right now is a great time to visit South Africa. One dollar is 14 rand! 1:14! 

The next day we tackled Table Mountain. I have an extreme fear of heights! However, after an failed attempt earlier in the week, our second trip to Table Mountain was a success. The views from the top of the mountain are IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE! Breathtaking! The shop at the top has unique gifts made from locals. I bought quite of bit of cute things for gifts.  Writing this post I just realized how much we did. So I will have a few more post to come! It was so nice to walk in places and hear people say "Welcome home my sister." WELCOME HOME! 

Cape Town really is like having every major U.S city in one! Long Street reminds you Bourbon Street in NOLA. V&A Waterfront reminds you of the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Camps Bay reminds you of the Hollywood Hills meets Miami's South Beach. Downtown Cape Town reminded you of New York. Constantia Wine Country reminded you of Napa Valley. Familiar to the U.S., but it has a special vibe that is unique to Cape Town. It was quite amazing! 

Cape Town, you really won my heart!