Maxwell, You Tried It!

Is Maxwell serious? Is he really serious? This man had the nerve to disappear for a second time and not deliver a hot album. FUCK HIM! 

No really, fuck Maxwell! How dare he promise not to disappear again, then turns right around and does that very thing. BLACKsummers'night dropped in summer of 2009 -- Maxwell's long awaited return. It was great. I saw the Maxwell and Jill Scott concert in 2010 and it was amazing. 

Yea you better look sad! 

Yea you better look sad! 

He promised us that blackSUMMERS'night would be out by 2011. Then nothing. Another year passed and no album. Then its 2013 and all we had were Instagram shots of him on the beach and shit. Then another year, still no album. I mean I was in a whole relationship, it ended and still no album. I had a full fledge heaux phase and still no album. I mean... 

Then finally this year he gives us the most mediocre album that took seven years to make. FUCK MAXWELL! In a recent interview Maxwell said that the success of the 2009 album scared him and that was the reason for the absence. I mean I guess. 

But in terms of this album, I HATED IT! I mean I really hated this album! It was so god damn boring. Only one song stood out to me and that was 1990x. Maybe the album is better than I say and it is just seven years too late! The interest is gone. I don't fucking care anymore. 

Dah well! At least I won't hold my breathe waiting for blacksummers'NIGHT. Tell me what you think? Am I being to harsh? Did you enjoy the new album? Let me know!