We Are More Than Slaves, WELL DUH!!!

"You can't buy a slave. You have to make a slave." I am open y'all! So very open! Last night I watched Roots and it was excellent! 

I have got to admit, I was skeptical about the remake of Alex Haley's Roots. However after watching the first part of the mini-series, I was blown away. The remake has done the original justice and I appreciate some of the deviations away from the 1970s version. 

Fiddler and Kunta in the Roots remake. 

Fiddler and Kunta in the Roots remake. 

Yet of course, with every depiction of slavery comes the critics saying that enough is enough. "Why do they keep making movies about slavery?" I get that point. I too wish there were a more diverse depiction of Black History such as the Harlem Renaissance, Great Migration, Reconstruction, etc. So I get that side of the argument -- it would be great to see more movies and series depicting the Black History in the 150 years since slavery.

However, I will always watch a story that showcases the era of American history during slavery. I don't view slavery as just Black History, it is the story of America. You guys have seen me question when will blacks ever receive the reparations we are owed? Every time I watch any depiction of slavery, I am left amazed at how resilient and strong my ancestors were. I also then get inspired how our Jewish brethren have used Hollywood as vehicle. They have slogan "Never Forget."

For as often as Blacks are told that we should get over slavery, I am often left bewildered when we say stop telling the story. I think we should take a page out of our Jewish friends and make people "Never Forget." Watching Roots last night was not an easy watch at all. I sobbed for a good 20 minutes during Kunta's beating. If you have the capacity to watch, I urge you to do so! 

Talk to me and let me know, are you "tired" of slave depictions in Hollywood? Or do you feel like it's not enough? Also what other time historical time periods of Black History would you like to see depicted by Hollywood? Let me know! 

I just think some things we can not ever allowed to be forgotten.