Fuck Your Feelings! Racism is Real!

No one wants to talk about race. It makes people uncomfortable. Quite frankly it should, but we will never be able to move past it if there is no honest acknowledgment and conversation about race.

First let me just say, while I don’t think the lyrics of Beyonce’s Formation song match the messaging of the video, she sure did piss white people off! LOL! Now Beyonce has me out here caping for my people in this here Black History Month.

Last night, I saw a Facebook status that expressed their agreement with Rudy Giuliani about Beyonce’s Superbowl performance.  In the comments the same person then stated that a white performer could not have done that performance.  She then went on to say that majority of the victims of police brutality were career criminals and could have been avoided if they were honor students. 

I mean... LMAO! 

I mean... LMAO! 

LETS OUT HEARTY LAUGH My dear that is bullshit! Complete and utter bullshit!

NEWSFLASH: black people and other minorities are not making up racial injustices. It's not figments of our imagination. Again stop insulting us by insinuating that it doesn't exist! Just because it's not your reality doesn't mean it doesn't exist! PLEASE!

By exclaiming that Black Lives Matter, no one is stating that other races don’t matter. It is perfectly ok for me to say that my life and the lives of my people matter. It shouldn’t offend you in any way! And if it does, calm down take your privilege off and acknowledge what is really happening in the world!

Racism isn’t just someone calling me a nigger.  Racism is people actively finding a way to justify why an overly aggressive police officer should have gunned down a 12-year-old black boy. Racism doesn’t have to be in your face blatant acts. Micro-aggressions like white people saying if only blacks were on the honor roll then maybe you wouldn’t have to interact with police are equally as damaging as someone calling me a nigger.

It may not be your reality, but it is the reality of many people who live in the same world as you everyday! Your acknowledgement that racism is still at play here is the first step in the conversation. However, if you want to continue to walk around blindly in your bubble, then fuck your feelings!