Never No More!

I started writing this post as a “Dear Fuckboy” letter.  The more I wrote, the more I said this isn’t my style at all. That letter was good shit, maybe I will share it one day. However I still wanted to be open and transparent with all of you.  So here we go…

Hi my name is AB and I was a stupid girl! *gasp* I know!

When someone tells you they are not ready for a relationship, RUN FOR THE HILLS! Be honest with yourself. If you have any inkling that you want a relationship, lace up those Nikes and get moving. Unfortunately nothing you can do will ever make that man want to be with you officially. You can be funny, pretty, your sex is fucking amazing, but he will still never commit to you.  However he will still lie up in your bed, take care of you when you are sick, and eat up your damn chili without a title. And why does he, quite simply because you allowed it. 

In life, we can only have say on the things we can control. There may be a deeper explanation as to why the person is saying “they aren’t ready for a relationship,” and it has nothing to do with you. You are not a therapist and shouldn’t have to help that person to the point where they are ready.



So save yourself the time, drama, and heartache. Be honest with yourself and what you want. Don’t accept someone’s insecurities as your option. You are fucking dope and you should not have to persuade someone to see that! Who wants to spend the rest of their life trying to convince someone that they should be with you!

So when he finally shows you his fuckboys ways and you open your damn eyes and move the hell on, rejoice! Embrace your new found freedom from their insurmountable crap.  They know themselves better than you ever will, and thank them for their rebuff! You are now available for the person who wants to actively love you! Get ready!

Hey this fuck shit happens to the best of us, but here is to it never happening again!


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