5Spot Vol. 3

Thank God for long weekends! I am so happy to be off today! Hope everyone has a productive Monday. 

  1. Is there any potential for the creation of a Federal holiday in April? This is the toughest part of the year! There are no more holidays until Memorial Day. That is just way too far away! 
  2. I really hate the word yoni. I really do! Don't ask my why, but it just bothers me so! But will selling vaginal steam herbs be the new bundle hustle? Maybe I should get in on this early! LOL!
  3. How are you guys doing with your 2016 goals? Have we accomplished at least one of the task on your list for the year! I have! So here is some accountability and get moving my friends!
  4. Snow on a day off is an absolute waste. 
  5. I have been obsessed with Rihanna's Anti and Tank's Sex, Love, and Pain II. Like I have not stopped playing them for the last week. Those are both great albums. I am looking forward to all of the great music that is coming in the next few weeks! 

Here is to another great week! Get shit done guys!