The Perfect Gift For the Man Who Has...

...a micro penis! YES! YES! You read that right! A micro penis.

Sweet Brown knows! 

Sweet Brown knows! 

You weren't expect that one were you? I feel bad because I know a girl who really really likes this guy, but she wants to break up with him because he has a gherkin pickle for a dick! HOW DREADFUL! I really do feel sorry for her, because he is a dope guy. I had no advice to offer her! Not one piece of advice, because I would have left him a while ago. ::Shrug:: Isn't that why the dick pic was invented -- too avoid falling in love with a small dick! 

Last night, I was doing some adult shopping and I stubbled on the perfect solution for a man with a micro penis -- A DICK EXTENDER! Yes! A DICK EXTENDER IS REAL! Why did I not think of this?!

We picked this up the other day and all we can say is WOW. The material is far more supple than similar products which makes it easier to put on and easier for her to enjoy. We got the coffee version and it was so sexy watching her be stretched wide by this thick veiny toy. Our IR fantasies came just a little closer to being a reality with this fun toy. If your partner likes to be stretched wide and deep, this is a must have. Fit was incredibly comfortable and actually made me feel like I had a thick heavy cock. I loved it!
— Curious Couple

What a glowing review from 'Curious Couple'! This man said he felt like he had a thick heavy cock -- what's better than a thick heavy cock! *fans self* 

Varying sizes and colors! 

Varying sizes and colors! 

I mean, they say love takes work. Trying to get your little dick man to wear a dick extender is going to take work.  What's an $130 into your sex life when you know he is the one? I do wonder how would brooch the subject. "Hey honey, I think you should try this silicone dick extension!" I don't know if that would work. So perhaps take the approach of saying "Honey I know you always just want to please me, I think this could be good for the both of us." DON'T DAMAGE HIS EGO TOO MUCH! 

That is all I have! LOL! I just walk away from small dicks to avoid this shit! HAHAHA! You guys have any other tips for our friend in love with the vienna sausage dick man?


P.S. Guys, please know that the podcast is coming. Writing about things like this make me feel dirty. HAHA! I feel like speaking about it is wayyyyyy better! So stay tuned in the new year for the podcast!